Why Does New Fishing Game Always Lose Money?

Most fishing games will have a Promotion Period. Promotion period usually appears within the first 7-10 days. So once you try a replacement fishing game, you’ll determine that operator always lose and players always win within the first several days. this is often to draw in more and more players come to play this game. And after 7-10 days, the sport will become stable and operator start to win. (Sometimes not 7-10 days, because it’s up to what percentage players play it. If the sport room doesn’t have many players play, the promotion period are going to be longer. And if many players play it within the first several days, usually when the entire coins in reach 100000 coins, the promotion period are going to be stopped.) In my experience, the promotion period won’t cause big losing.Even operator lose, he won’t lose an enormous money.

Usually the fishing game are going to be stable when the fishing game’s payout is around 98.5%.

If the payout is over 100%, please follow the subsequent steps:

First of all, please check other sections’ payout, and check if other section’s payout is smaller than 98%. And check the entire account, check if the entire account is win or lose.

Second, have you ever changed the sport difficult level lately before the payout is over 100%? consistent with my experience, don’t set the sport level to the last one. Usually the last level isn’t stable ( it’ll cause win tons or lose a lot). And don’t change the sport difficult levels too often. We usually set a game difficult level and let it run a minimum of 1 month.

Columbus Deluxe is a ten pay line and five reels slot game powered by Novomatic software company. The theme of the video slot game is dedicated to Columbus (Italian explorer), who explored America. This online slot follows up the original version of Columbus that is based on an identical storyline. It features the same historical figures as well.

Compared to the original version of the online slot machine, with this new sequel, Novomatic did an exceptional job and appealed to many gamblers around the globe. Admirers of the first slot game will please the updated features, graphics, and one extra pay line. The video slot includes many features like scatter symbol, wild symbol, and the free spins bonus game. Wilds and scatters appear during free spins much more frequently, and leads to get more significant wins.

The multiple symbols of Columbus Deluxe video slot are Queen Isabella, Columbus himself, gold necklaces, sextant, and other regular poker card signs. As a wild symbol of the game, Columbus substitutes all other icons except the three Ship scatter symbols. The Ship scatters represent the ships of Columbus, the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria. To activate the free spins, gamers need all three scatters. To be more specific, the Nina icon must be on the first reel, the Pinta on the third reel, and the Santa Maria icon on the fifth one. There is also a gamble option that is offered after each win.

Columbus Deluxe is a low to medium variance online slot game. Therefore, the regular wins during the base game are tiny. It is an excellent choice for gamers who do not want to waste their money at once. But, do not hope to win a lot too.


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