How scholarships affect your financial aid

We encourage you to seek out and apply for non-federally funded opportunities, including scholarships, grants and employer tuition assistance.

By applying for and receiving scholarship aid, you’ll not only reduce your dependence on federal student loans, but also reduce the value of your education (because scholarships don’t got to be repaid).

Scholarship funds are considered a part of a student’s aid package. A aid package can also include the following:

1.Title IV funding
2.Federal Pell Grant
3.Federal Direct Student Loan
4.Direct PLUS Loan
5.State grants
6.Employer tuition assistance
7.Military benefits
8.Tribal funding
9.Private loans

You can learn more about the above options by visiting the federal aid plan webpage.

Federal regulations require University of Phoenix to watch student aid packages to form sure students remain within their financial need-based eligibility. University of Phoenix will automatically update a student’s file for funding received directly by the University. However, it’s the student’s responsibility to tell University of Phoenix about any educational funding he or she directly receives. To report such funding, contact Financial Services.

When a student receives a scholarship, it’s going to end in the reduction or repayment of need-based financial assistance (student loans or grants) previously awarded to the scholar by University of Phoenix. When revising your aid , we’ll reduce loans first.
To learn more about aid and other funding options, visit our Financial Options site.

Getting a university degree is expensive for most of the students because of financial difficulties. Approximately 15% of students cannot graduate due to the financial burden. One way of getting a degree is to benefit from financial aid. Financial aid helps students’ dreams come true. They try to apply for federal financial aid first before private loans. Having a lower interest rate is the critical point here for students to choose federal financial assistance. Some universities support financial help to assist financially struggling students to get a college degree. One of these universities is the University of Phoenix. Unfortunately, it is not easy to qualify for the University of Phoenix financial aid because of federal laws. Some colleges engage in fraudulent activities and steal free assistance from the federal government. The University of Phoenix is also one of the universities that have committed that kind of events in recent years.

Cambridge professor, economist, and entrepreneur John Sperling founded the University of Phoenix in 1976. Initially, the university started with only eight students as a for-profit one. Enrollment to the university increased in 2010. After the investigation by FTC, registration began to decrease in 2015.

The University of Phoenix committed illegal and fraudulent activities against both the federal government and students. It defrauded student about federal financial aid, job placement, and violated the government rules. Fortunately, most of the students had a chance to discharge their economic assessment.

The application for financial aid could be confusing for most students. We will describe what you have to know about the FSA. There are several kinds of FSA programs available for University of Phoenix financial aid. They include:

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant
Federal Pell Grant
Stafford Direct Loan Program
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity
Stafford Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students
Federal Stafford Direct Plus Loan for both Graduate and Professional Degree Students

Secondly, fill the application and send to the mail of the U.S Department of Education with additional documents. Additional documents may include the course catalog of your college, advertising materials, and email lists of the college members. You need to be attentive with the application form because there are lots of student loan scammers that want to trick the loan service. They want to gain the student loan forgiveness through the investigation of University of Phoenix financial aid. Make sure that you send the application form only to the U.S Department of Education.

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